Hand Conditions treated Las Vegas

Hand Conditions treated in Las Vegas

There are a number of  hand conditions that can affect the function of the Hand.  Conditions can affect the skin, muscles, tendons, bones, joints or nerves or vessels.  In Las Vegas we have the training, expertise and equipment to care for most hand problems including

  • Dupuytren’s Disease – Dupuytren’s contracture is a fixed flexion contracture of the hand due to a palmar fibromatosis
  • DeQuervain’s Tendonitis
  • Cubital Tunnel Disease
    • Arthritis
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome (commonly caused by repetitive work tasks)
    • Dislocations
    • Flexor tendon damage
    • Fractures
    • Mallet finger
    • Nerve compression (commonly known as a pinched nerve)
    • Sprains or strains
    • Trigger finger

    Common symptoms of hand problems are below.  If you are experiencing any of these, fill out our contact form with your insurance information and location and we can help you find a doctor to evaluate your issue.

    • Hand Pain
    • Hand Tingling
    • Hand numbness
    • Stiffness in the hands, joints and fingers
    • Joint or finger or wrist clicking with hand or finger movements
    • Cramping
    • Fingers or joints are swollen or throbbing
    • Finger or hand deformities
    • Extra fingers
    • Nail damage
    • Hand tenderness
    • Hand pain that wakes you from sleep or prevents falling to sleep