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Las Vegas Hand Surgery

We provide a comprehensive range of surgical services for the hand, wrist and elbow to residents in Las Vegas and beyond through our medical tourism outreach program.  The hand is the most useful appendage and if the function is compromised, a patient can suffer both in personal and occupational settings.  Scarcely a moment goes by in waking that the hands are not used.  They enhance expression as some people “talk with their hands” and with grooming, clothing, eating and other activities of daily living.   With cell phones and texting, the hands and fingers are essential.  Contractures, or limited mobility can compromise many activities.  Many procedures take less than 0 minutes in our state of the art surgery center.  Just call for a referral to an expert hand doctor to care for your carpal tunnel, trigger finger, hand injury or hand pain

Dr. David Malitz

Owner, Red Rock Surgery Center

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The opposable thumb allows grasping and a number of activities. The function of the thumb can be impaired by a number of conditions such as trauma or arthritis. There is treatment for these conditions.A Ganglion Cyst is a fairly simple problem to address for a skilled hand surgeon.We offer special programs for underinsured or uninsured and work or accident related injuries. We work with your local attorney and can help.
Call for a Referral To a Hand Surgeon 702-2247-5848. Let us know your condition, and your insurance and we are glad to help!

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James H, Pahrump

Very short wait time. Front desk ladies were very nice and the young lady who took my measurements was very capable.

Sara Z, Las Vegas

The staff the Drs the whole entire crew did an excellent job, everyone was very polite and caring thank you very much

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7135 W. Sahara Las Vegas, NV 89117


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